Friday, 15 January 2016

Back to regular posting and Meningitis

It feels so long since I last wrote a blog post, at the beginning of December my niece Amelia sadly passed away aged 7 months after battling meningitis. It's been a really tough time and then of course Christmas was upon us. 

I just want to take this moment to stress the importance of knowing the symptoms of meningitis.

If you have any concerns regarding these symptoms, seek medical help immediately.

Also check out the website for Meningitis Now. They are a fantastic charity that do an awful lot of work with people affected by meningitis. Michael will be taking part in a Toddle Waddle later this year, which is a sponsored walk aimed at toddlers and young children in aid of raising funds for meningitis now so there will be a blog post on that. I think he will have lots of fun and will of course do something good in memory of his cousin.

  A now tresured photo of Michael and his cousin Amelia.

Will now be back to writing new blog posts on a more regular basis.


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