Thursday, 18 May 2017

Visit to the Decleor Boutique and Day Spa and Skin Tips

If you read my last blog post then you would know I applied for a ticket at a event at the new Decleor Boutique and Day Spa opening at 187 Westbourne Grove, London. They offer a range of treatments from a full body treatment to a quick 15 minute face shot for beauty on the go. Their products are also sold there with specialists around to help you.

I was very excited when I received a email to say I had been invited and went along today to hear author Giovanna Fletcher and Decleor's skincare specialist Fiona Brackenbury host a Q&A all about skincare, specifically focusing on skin care for mums on the go.

Skincare Top Tips I picked up today:

  • If you are in a rush and find it difficult to find time to focus on your skincare, as many mums do! then focus the majority of your skin care for night. This is when your skin is most receptive and the skin cells are at their peak. Therefore this is when your skin care treatments are most effective. This was very reassuring because generally the mornings are when I find it difficult to concentrate and have time for a skincare routine.
  • You do not have to have a massive skin care routine and lots of different products. Learn to know your own skin and pick the right products to focus on areas you want to see improvement. There are so many different face products on the market that it is really important and cost effective to choose the right ones. 
  • Fiona Brackenbury was asked if there was one skin product she would take to a deserted island, which one would she take. The answer was a face serum. Now I have to be honest I used to be quite confused about serums and wondered what on earth they were. Basically serums are product you apply after cleansing but before moisturising with the purpose of delivering powerful ingredients on to the skin. They are made up of smaller molecules which penetrate deeper into the skin and are able to deliver a higher concentration of powerful ingredients. Serums take seconds to apply and have a popcorn effect on lines and wrinkles and make them plump up and also have a great effect on any dark circles you may have. There are also serums focusing on different skin types and conditions. I must pick one up targeting the skin of women over 50, my nan has always told us the importance of taking care of our skin and would love to try their serum.
  • Exfoliation is so important. This is something I really do need to remember to do more often. Exfoliation removes the dead skin cells clogging up your skin and opens the way for serums and moisturises to penetrate the skin more deeply, therefore making them more effective and your skin feeling and looking healthier.
  • The number one cause of skin damage is the sun! so be sure to protect your skin and use sunscreen.
  • Lastly, something a lot of women are guilty of, do not sleep in your make up. Always be sure to properly cleanse your face from all those make up products at the end of the day and start your skin care routine.

I had a really great time this morning and will be using all those tips picked up. I was also very lucky to be given a goody bag with four Decleor products; a body exfoliator, a face serum, a gel-cream and some micellar water. I have already used the exfoliator and serum and both are great. Very easy to apply and have made a difference to my skin. The face serum I am obsessed with and would really recommend it. It has made my face feel so soft. Decleor offer a whole range of different products so have a look at their website or visit the new store.

On a side note after the talk we were able to browse, have a bite of brunch and have a chatter. Giovanna Fletcher was absolutely lovely and really down to earth as were all the women who worked at the Boutique and Day Spa. 

What is your best skincare tip? Answer in the comments below


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