Tuesday, 18 August 2015

My Christmas Challenge Update

So I have not been able to post for a little while because we have had some major internet problems. Luckily it is finally sorted(damn TalkTalk) so I thought I would update you all with my Christmas challenge.

For those who have not read my previous post, my Christmas challenge is that I cannot buy anything full price. We are struggling a little so it is essential this year to save money and actually I really do enjoy shopping for a bargain!

1. Asda. 

Asda have had some great sales recently and my local store is closing so has loads more deals.

Last week I bought these children's hooded towels for £3 each reduced from £6 The Olaf one is for Michael and there are two tangled ones for two young cousins. Really bright and useful.
I also bought these two PS3 Games for £5 reduced from £12. Daniel my partner really loves Star Wars and so this is just a fun little present for him and I think now Michael is getting older and showing an interest in the PS3 he would enjoy playing the Toy Story game now and again.


So from Primark I managed to find these cute character t-shirts for £2 each. As I have said in a previous blog post, I am not always a great Primark fan and only go in there now and again but I thought these were really cute. The Olaf one is for Michael and the two t-shirts for two young cousins.


Gift Tags for 18p each and a advent calender for 49p. Bargain! I was really happy to get these because I would rather pay 18p now than £1.50 later.

4. Argos

This is not a Christmas present but I thought Michael would have lots of fun with this craft box leading up to christmas. It was £20 reduced to £5 in Argos. It has loads in it! Stickers, cards, letters to Santa,door hanger, santa stop here sign to name a few so I was very impressed. While Michael will not be able to do all of it, he will get a lot of use out of it.

I am really enjoying shopping around for christmas bargains and so far I have saved over £140! So it really does pay off shopping around and taking advantage of store sales.

Will update with more bargains soon!


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