Saturday, 16 January 2016

Toddler sale haul

I love love love sales, you can pick up some great bargains and pay a fraction of the price. This time of year is the best time to pick up things for next winter and Christmas. Yes I have bought things for next Christmas! I just put it all in a box and stick it away but it saves me a fair amount of money on things I would have ended up buying for Michael anyway. 


I was quite late to the Mothercare sale this year, a lot of the things I would have wanted for Michael they ran out of his size in my local store. However I did pick him up a pair of red pumps in a bigger size reduced from £10 to £3. They also had a range of other colours. I love these on Michael, they look great with jeans and shorts in the summer. Hoping they fit him when we go away in May. I also picked him up a pair of cute snowman socks for Christmas 2016. At 50p they were really cheap and he would have got a new pair of Christmas socks anyway.


I really like Next clothes, I think they are a great quality and wear very well. However they can be expensive, therefore I do try to take advantage of their sales. This year I picked him up some really nice long sleeve t-shirts for next winter in the size 3-4 years. At £3 reduced from £7 and a double pack at £5 reduced from £14 they were a great price for good quality. Hopefully they will also do him good for two winters since Next is quite generous with their sizing.

In my post on a Christmas Eve box, you would have noticed I also give Michael new pjs on Christmas Eve. From Next I also picked him up a very cute pair of minion Christmas pjs that were £5 reduced from £16. He really likes the minion films and since he will be 3 in September, I think the size 3-4 years will fit him by the December. 


My local Asda reduced all their Christmas bits really quickly so all of the stuff I picked up from Asda are Christmas related. A snowman t-shirt reduced from £3 to £2, snowman socks reduced from £1.50 to 50p (I forgot I already picked him up a pair!) a Santa key that was 50p reduced from £2 and a letter writing set that was just 25p. I didn't bother doing many Santa things with Michael in 2015 because at 2 I just didn't think he was quite there with understanding it all but 2016 and at 3 years of age, I think he will understand and really enjoy the key and letter. 

Not for Michael I also bought Lego Darth Vader in Asda reduced to £10 from £25. That is the cheapest I have seen them and will be a really good birthday present for my partner in July. He loves Star Wars and Lego so two birds with one stone. Star Wars mania is everywhere! 


Last but not least was Primark and these bits I just picked up today. I am not the biggest fan of Primark for children's clothes but I had to go in there for vests and they had a lot reduced so I had a look. I am really pleased with what I bought and pleasantly surprised at the quality. Fleece pyjamas at £3 a pair, needed this week it's freezing! A tracksuit  onsie at £3 reduced from £7, a rain jacket at £5 reduced from £9 and a really cute rugby style long sleeved top at £2 reduced from £5. All bigger sizes, while I don't think they will last Michael two winters like the clothes from Next, they should last until next year.

I don't think I spent too much on the sales but I must admit that I do try and buy Michael's clothes in the sales and at a cheaper price. I have also been looking for a new coat for him next winter at a reduced price but have not yet found one I like. Perhaps when Next have their sale in the spring. All of the stuff I bought should still be available online/in store.

Let me know if you found any great bargains in the sales, or if you know of some nice coats for toddler boys let me know in the comments below.


Friday, 15 January 2016

Back to regular posting and Meningitis

It feels so long since I last wrote a blog post, at the beginning of December my niece Amelia sadly passed away aged 7 months after battling meningitis. It's been a really tough time and then of course Christmas was upon us. 

I just want to take this moment to stress the importance of knowing the symptoms of meningitis.

If you have any concerns regarding these symptoms, seek medical help immediately.

Also check out the website for Meningitis Now. They are a fantastic charity that do an awful lot of work with people affected by meningitis. Michael will be taking part in a Toddle Waddle later this year, which is a sponsored walk aimed at toddlers and young children in aid of raising funds for meningitis now so there will be a blog post on that. I think he will have lots of fun and will of course do something good in memory of his cousin.

  A now tresured photo of Michael and his cousin Amelia.

Will now be back to writing new blog posts on a more regular basis.


Little Dish Go Gos Review

So Michael was very lucky to be sent three packets of mini whole grain oat biscuits from the range of Little dish to try. Made from 100% natural ingredients they are a handy grab and go snack in individual packets. 

 We recieved the biscuits in strawberry, vanilla and ginger flavours. Strawberry is Michael's favourite, he really enjoys the flavour and I have tried them myself, they are really nice. You can really taste the oats in them. 

In terms of being a parent, I like they are made from natural ingredients and not full of sugar like some snacks aimed at children! They also come in individual packs for portion control and as someone always on the go, snacks must be easy to grab and carry in my handbag or Michael's backpack.

I would really recommend them. Little Dish also have a range of meals in the chilled aisles of shops. I hadn't seen or heard of the range before but in the boxes of biscuits we also recieved a coupon for a free meal so I will be looking around for them for Michael to try. He loves pizza so looking forward to trying their healthier pizzas.

H x