Thursday, 22 October 2015

What have we bought our 2 year old for Christmas

So if you have read any of the blog before this point you will know I started buying for Christmas months ago. I have now pretty much finished for my 2 year old son Michael. He has a fair bit but I tell myself that it is ok because everything was reduced. I got some great bargains this year for his gifts.

Anyway here is what Michael has, where it was bought and how much it was:

1. Paw patrol stamper set-The Entertainer-£3 reduced from £6.
2. Over 1000 stickers box-The Entertainer-50p reduced from £2.
3. Push Along Express train set-Sainsbury-£5 reduced from £10.
4. Car mat- Sainsbury-£2.50 reduced from £5.
5. Shopping basket with pretend food-Sainsbury-£2.50 reduced from £5.
6. Happy land construction set- Debenhams-£8 reduced from £16.
7. Little People princess pack-Boots- £10 reduced from £20.
8. Carry Along kitchen- Tesco-£5 reduced from £10.
9. Puzzle-Sainsbury-£1.50 reduced from £3.
10. Cinderella coach-Boots- £13 reduced from £27.

I feel there is more than I had intended to buy. It's a lot of smaller presents and no main present this year. In my defence it was Dan, my partner who bought the train set and puzzle today for him and altogether the cost was £51 which I think  is not bad. The train set and puzzle I have included in the cost was also bought using a free gift card. I don't feel it's worth it to spend loads on Michael. He has only just recently had his birthday and he is very lucky in that a lot of people buy for him. 

I do also want to get him the Minions DVD and Inside Out however when they are released. I have a voucher though for HMV so they won't cost me anything and we will all enjoy them. Michael also has a stocking and some bits for Christmas Eve and that is his lot. Hopefully he will love it all. We make one present from Santa and the rest from us and I am debating which one to make it this year. Last year he had a more expensive happy land set and the year before a little gold bracelet. This year they are all the same value so I don't know. Perhaps the train set?

If anyone is in need of toys try Sainsbury. They currently have a massive toy sale and they had loads available when I visited a store yesterday.


Halloween treats

So Halloween is almost upon us, and I decided to put together some bits for Michael (2years) to keep him happy and entertained next weekend. Some might think it's a little ott for Halloween but to be fair it was really cheap to do and he will love it all. 

I first bought Michael a trick or treat bucket and this was only 50p from B&M. He had a felt one from last year but sadly it broke so I wanted something more sturdy for this year. I then went into the 99p store and they had loads! There I bought the cupcake decorations, stickers, minion Dracula colouring set and the Halloween multipack haribo. Since Michael is young and we don't like him having loads of sweets, I have just put two packets of haribo in his bucket. 

Last week I also received a £10 Sainsbury gift card and they had loads of children's Halloween DVDs in for just £3 each. Michael has really liked Tom and Jerry recently so I went with that. It has 20 classic episodes and I thought that was a really great deal.

Primark also had some great Halloween clothes. I was not going to buy one because I do think they can sometimes be a waste of time. However his shirt was only £2 and he can wear it all year round.

Lastly just today I was in mothercare and they had reduced these Mickey Mouse Halloween surprise bag. It feels like it has a lot in it and was reduced to 50p.

I think Michael will have a lot of fun with all of this next weekend. We plan to visit a local event during the day and then head over to a relative's house for a little while in the evening for some Halloween fun.

I have showed this before on a blog post but here is Michael's costume this year.

I tried it on him last night and he kept trying to take it off so time will tell if he will keep it on next week. 

Hopefully the blog post gave some ideas if you want to buy some things to keep children entertained over the Halloween weekend or half term.


Sunday, 18 October 2015

Halloween Films for Children

Halloween is almost upon us, my favourite time of year. I adore Halloween, the pumpkins, the games and of course watching a good old horror movie. However I really don't think The Woman in Black is suitable for Michael so I have been hunting down some child-friendly Halloween movies. Perfect for the afternoon of Halloween or indeed during half term.

1. Toy Story of Terror (U) A short story from Pixar's Toy Story, great for young children. Join Woody and the gang in a roadside motel, after Mr Potato Head disappears his friends have to solve the mystery. Michael loves this and it is a perfect viewing time for a younger child who may not sit there for a full feature length film. 

2. Tom and Jerry Tricks & Treats (U)
I have not yet watched this with Michael, I just bought it recently for £3 in Sainsbury. He loves Tom and Jerry and it features 20 Halloween themed classic cartoons. If your child does have a favourite cartoon character they do have a range of other themed DVDs for really reasonable prices such as a Peppa Pig one. 

3. Monsters Inc, (U) 
So this is not strictly a Halloween DVD but it does have monsters in and they tie into the whole Halloween thing, right? Really funny and endearing. This is one of my favourite Pixar films. 

4. Hocus Pocus (PG) 
This film is a classic and had to make the list. It follows three outlandishly witches who return from 17th Century Salam. They try to cast a spell to reclaim their youth but first must outwit 3 kids. Really funny and a great family film. May be more suited for older children as a toddler is unlikely to follow the plot. 

5. Hotel Transylvania(PG)
So I have to admit when I watched this I actually was not that fond of it. However it kept Michael's attention and I know lots of other children enjoy it. Join Dracula's resort where monsters and their families can stay. On a weekend to celebrate his daughter's birthday all the monsters are welcome; Frankenstein, the Mummy, Werewolf etc. The party really gets going when a human stumbles into the Hotel.

6. The Witches (PG)
Based on the work of Roald Dahl, join 9 year old Luke as he must foil the plans of the society of witches to turn children into mice! A really great family film and one I really enjoyed as a child. Could be scary for younger children so more suited to older children. 

8. Ghostbusters (PG)
Who you gonna call? ... Ghostbusters! Join the ghostbusting business as they go about their first job of saving Dana Barrett and Louis Tully who have opened the gates of hell right in their apartment. This is a really funny movie that children and adults can enjoy. 

9. Casper (PG)
A paranormal expert and his daughter move into a abandoned house to find 3 mischievous ghosts and Casper the 1 friendly ghost already there. A really great cast make this a entertaining movie perfect for the family.

10. Wallace and Gromit- The Curse of the Were- Rabbit (U)
The famous pair set out to discover the mystery behind the garden sabotage in the village. Just what is stealing all those vegetables?! There are plenty of jokes in this film and it really is so great to watch. A great film if you have already watched and enjoyed Wallace and Gromit.

So there is it, some great family films perfect for the 31st of October. I also plan on a post on some great Halloween themed activities perfect for Half Term.

What are you all doing for Halloween? Any family films you watch?