Monday, 24 August 2015

Reasons my toddler is throwing a full on tantrum.

Michael's tantrums are legendary. In a way I am proud of him, when he does something he gives it 100%. I am talking the whole throw yourself on the floor, kick and punch, scream at the top of your lungs and give your mum the deepest look of disgust tantrum. Shaky logic and uncontrollable emotions join up so that he overreacts to the smallest things but in Michael's mind I am the worst mother in the world. 

So reasons my toddler threw a full on tantrum:

• I would not let him repeatedly press the bell on the bus.
• I would not let him climb on the bookcase.
• I moved him 2 inches to the left so I could get past him.
• He could not get his blanket off the bed, despite nothing on it and in his reach.
• I would not let him put his finger up the cat's bottom.
• I did not cut up his chicken right.
• He did not want his mixed veg mixed up.
• He didn't want to play with his bucket and spade at the playground, he wanted to play with an almost identical one belonging to another child.
• He was not allowed to go near the hot oven.
• He finished all of his breadsticks and we did not have any more.
• A man in a parrot costume came towards him.
• I stopped him from eating my face cream.
• I would not let him hang up the phone to his dad while I was half way through a conversation.
• He wanted a drink and was adamant his cup was empty, it wasn't.
• I wouldn't let him take home the dvd Saw. He liked the picture of the puppet Jigsaw on the case.

Clearly I am a awful parent! He does make me laugh and keeps me
on my toes.

Share some of the reasons your toddler has thrown a tantrum in the comments below. Would love to hear about them.


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