Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Indoor Activities for Toddlers

So here in London, we have had some miserable days(so much for summer!). I do try to take Michael out rain and shine, we do swimming, soft play, playgroups etc but when you don't drive, sometimes it is easier to stay indoors. Here are some of mine and Michael's favourite indoor activities:

1. Playdoh. I have written about playdoh before because I really do think it is great. You can make your own, and it keeps toddlers entertained for ages. You can also use household items to make shapes, we use cookie cutters and also Michael's stacking cups.

2. Baths. I used to think baths were there just to clean your child but if your child is ratty, chuck them in for a bath. Put lots of bubble bath and toys and they will happily play for a while. I tend to use that time to clean the bathroom or sit on the toilet reading or something. 

3. Indoor picnic. Michael really loves doing this for a treat when it is miserable outside. We put a blanket down, he grabs his teddies, and we just have some lunch on the floor. I tend to also buy some foods we don't usually have so it really is a nice little treat to break up the rainy day.

4. Baking. Michael has only really got into helping me cook. I am not very good at cooking, so we just have those simple packs where you add water and an egg. He really does like helping me do it though and then eating all those cakes. We then take some of the cakes round to Michael's nan(my mum)

5. Arts and Crafts. Again Michael is a little young for this so at the moment he is just doing some drawing and playing with stickers. However for older children I would keep some crafts sets there for those rainy days indoors. They are useful in keeping your kids busy.

I do try as well to catch up with some housework when we are in for the day so luckily Michael is happy to entertain himself with his toys or I get him involved with helping me.

What are some of your favourite indoor activities with your child? Let me know in the comments below.


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