Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Christmas Activities at Home with toddlers!

December is almost upon us which means it is nearly Christmas! Yay! It has also been really wet and freezing cold recently in London so while we still try and get out and about, we have been having more indoor days. Luckily I love this time of year for activities with Michael and have found some great Christmas themed ones I thought I would share if anyone is looking for some ideas.

1. Arts and Crafts

There are some really cute and easy ideas online of Christmas crafts. I bought Michael a big box of Christmas crafts from Argos for only £5 and he has been getting a lot of enjoyment out of it. One of our favourite ones is decorating Christmas cards. Not only is it enjoyable, family members I have found really like receiving a Christmas card from Michael. 

Michael does not like anything on his hands, but I have seen some great pictures online created using hand and foot prints. Check out this blog post for some great ideas http://funhandprintartblog.com/2011/12/my-top-10-favorite-christmas-crafts-made-with-hands-feet-from-around-the-web.html

Check out pound stores and hobby craft, they have lots of stickers, colouring books and craft activities for really good prices.

2. Baking

I must admit I am not huge on the kitchen, I hate cooking! However Michael really likes helping in the kitchen so I do often bake simple things with him. At this time of year I really like Christmas cookies. Super easy to do and Michael can really get involved with the baking and then decorating with icing pens and sprinkles. I bought our Christmas themed cookie cutters really cheaply as well from Home Bargains. 

Some other ideas are cupcakes and gingerbread houses. If like me you are not the strongest in the kitchen, you can buy the stuff needed all together in a box from most supermarkets.

Tempted to do this with Michael but I think it would just take too long and has too much detail so he would probably go off to toys after 5 minutes leaving me to do the rest! 

3. Christmas films.

This is the first year Michael can really sit and happily be entertained by short films. I absolutely adore Christmas films so have not been able to resist getting all cosy with blankets, hot chocolate and some snacks with Michael on these early nights. He can't hold his attention there for things like Elf and Miracle on 34th Street but has really loved watching Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas and The Snowman. 

I really love this time of year and have lots of Christmas activities planned with Michael. Let me know what you have planned with your kids this season.


Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Toddler's Christmas Eve Box

So on Friday it is 6 weeks until Christmas! 🎄⛄️ So excited! Michael is really starting to get it all now, he loves looking at Christmas trees and Santa in the shops. He will love it when we decorate during the first week of Christmas. Anyway last year I bought him some stuff for Christmas Eve and I have done the same this year. Some people do not like the Christmas Eve box, I however like the idea of a few little treats on Christmas Eve. It does not have to be a lot nor does it have to cost a lot. This is what Michael has in his Christmas Eve box:

• Christmas bear pjs-Primark £4.
•The Snowman DVD- charity store 50p
•Olaf socks-Debenhams-£1
• Olaf Pez- Primark £1
• Tube of biscuits-B&M 80p
• Elf Teddy- Card Factory £1
• Elf cup- Home Bargains £1.50
• An Amazing Snowman Frozen book- The Works- £2
• Santa stop here sign- Argos part of a big craft box £5

We had a lot of fun getting in new pjs, watching a Christmas DVD with treats and then a book last Christmas so Michael will really like this.

Hope it's given some ideas of what you can put in a Christmas Eve box. It could just be new pjs and a book. Others put more in and include slippers, dressing gown, hot chocolate, Christmas plate, activities, bath stuff etc so there are a lot of things guaranteed for some Christmas Eve fun!