Thursday, 22 October 2015

Halloween treats

So Halloween is almost upon us, and I decided to put together some bits for Michael (2years) to keep him happy and entertained next weekend. Some might think it's a little ott for Halloween but to be fair it was really cheap to do and he will love it all. 

I first bought Michael a trick or treat bucket and this was only 50p from B&M. He had a felt one from last year but sadly it broke so I wanted something more sturdy for this year. I then went into the 99p store and they had loads! There I bought the cupcake decorations, stickers, minion Dracula colouring set and the Halloween multipack haribo. Since Michael is young and we don't like him having loads of sweets, I have just put two packets of haribo in his bucket. 

Last week I also received a £10 Sainsbury gift card and they had loads of children's Halloween DVDs in for just £3 each. Michael has really liked Tom and Jerry recently so I went with that. It has 20 classic episodes and I thought that was a really great deal.

Primark also had some great Halloween clothes. I was not going to buy one because I do think they can sometimes be a waste of time. However his shirt was only £2 and he can wear it all year round.

Lastly just today I was in mothercare and they had reduced these Mickey Mouse Halloween surprise bag. It feels like it has a lot in it and was reduced to 50p.

I think Michael will have a lot of fun with all of this next weekend. We plan to visit a local event during the day and then head over to a relative's house for a little while in the evening for some Halloween fun.

I have showed this before on a blog post but here is Michael's costume this year.

I tried it on him last night and he kept trying to take it off so time will tell if he will keep it on next week. 

Hopefully the blog post gave some ideas if you want to buy some things to keep children entertained over the Halloween weekend or half term.


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