Saturday, 1 August 2015

My christmas challenge

Ok you are probably wondering why I am talking about christmas when it is the 1st of August, but this year my partner Daniel set me a challenge that means I have have to buy early. This year any present I buy cannot be bought full price.  It was kind of a joke Daniel made because I am such a bargain hunter but I thought what a great idea. I get to enjoy shopping and also save money. Hopefully by christmas I can show people that christmas does not have to be expensive and that buying over the year can pay off! 

This is what I have bought so far in various store sales:

•Mothercare- Pretty Learning Purse. Full Price-£17. 99. Paid £8.99 (saving £9)
Mothercare- Decorate tiara and wand. Full price-£5 paid £2.50 (saving £2.50)

WHS-Small Snowman teddy. Full Price- £4.99 paid 62p! (saving £4.37)
WHS- Small penguin teddy. Full Price- £5 paid 62p! (saving £4.38)
WHS- Star Wars book. Full Price- £15 paid £2.50 (saving £12.50)

•Peacocks- Owl Scarf- Full Price-£5 paid £2.50 (saving £2.50)

•Disney Store-Doc Mcstuffins sticker book. Full Price- £5 paid £1.80 (saving £3.20)
Disney Store-Toy Story T-Shirt Full Price-£9.95 paid £4.95 (saving £5)
Disney Store-Star Wars Cup-Full Price-£5.95 paid £1.80 (saving £4.15)
Disney Store Star Wars Beach towel-Full Price-£14.95 paid £7 (saving £7.95)

Asda- Men's Star Wars t-shirt. Full Price -£8 paid £4 X2 (saving £8)
Asda-Child's Star Wars t-shirt. Full Price £6 paid £4 (saving £2)

Savings so far = £65.55! 

I will be updating the blog on my buys and savings so let's hope I can keep up with the challenge! 

Let me know in the comments below if you have started buying or how you save money at christmas.


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