Thursday, 30 July 2015

Shopping Haul

This last week I have been quite ill with a viral infection and stuck indoors. Today I finally felt better so I had to get out of the house. I took Michael to my local shopping centre at Romford for some bits and bobs I needed. I picked up some great bargains so I thought I would share them.

1: Home Bargains. I love this store! It is so affordable and does loads of things cheaper than most stores. The store also has everything for sale

The Flash All Purpose Cleaner is my favourite product to use to clean the bathroom. It smells fantastic, usually £2:99 in my local Asda. In HB, it was only 99p

Simple Wipes 80 pack-99p
Two pk children's toothbrushes-69p
Toilet Cleaner Wipes-59p a pack
Mickey Mouse Cupcake Mix-99p. Michael will love these when we make them tomorrow.
Photo Frame-69p
Cup with Lid and straw-59p. Michael really likes these and they don't spill.
Jake and the Neverlands Facecloth-19p!
Cans of drink-29p-35p.

I also saw these adorable cushions and had to have them 

How cute is the rabbit and the squirrel?! I thought they would add a nice touch to my sofa and living room. They were just £3.99 each.

As I was at the till, I also saw these little card messages. 

So I picked some up for relatives, they were just 19p each! In most of the card stores they are more like £2.

2: Peacocks.

I do not usually shop in Peacocks but today I noticed they had a sale on so thought I would have a quick browse. Again I was disappointed with the store's selection for women but I did get these three bits.

Dinosaur Top Size Age 2-£5 reduced to £3.
Pack of Alien Stickers-£1:50 reduced to 50p 
Owl scarf-£5 reduced to £2:50. My mums loves owls so I got this for her and will be putting it away as one of her christmas presents.

3: HMV

4: Asda

Underwear- 3 pairs for £6
Take a Break Magazine
Notepad- £1:50
Pack of 3 pens-£1

Asda had loads of back to school bits so if you have children at school, have a look in there. It was all very affordable.

I do enjoy looking around the shops at Romford and was up there for about two hours. Michael of course kicked off on the bus and was a right pain for most of the 45 minute journey so I don't often make the trip to Romford but I was pleased today with what I bought. 


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