Thursday, 23 July 2015

What's in Michael's bag?

We now longer use a changing bag since Michael is now a toddler and has less stuff. Instead he has a small backpack that goes on the buggy when we are out and about.

This is currently Michael's backpack. He has had a few including Mickey Mouse and Thomas the Tank Engine, they only cost £5 roughly each time.

The Star Wars one his dad picked for him since he loves the films. It has a front pocket and two cup holders which are handy. 

So what goes in it?

1. Nappies, wipes and nappy bags. 
Goes without saying really doesn't it? They are kind of a essential for a non toilet trained child.

2. Change of clothes.  The days I have forgotten to take a change of clothes out with me are the days Michael poops all over his or spills everything down him. So we now have a change of clothes that stays in his bag.

3. Snacks (and lunch if out all day). Michael eats a lot so we always take some snacks in his bag. So much easier than having to buy them while you are out, also sometimes you can't get the healthier snacks you want. Michael takes out yogurt, bananas, pot of grapes, fruit drops, purée pouch etc. All grab and go snacks, easy peasy!

4. Drink Bottle 

5. Toys and book Really handy if Michael is starting to get bored if we are visiting someone or if we are eating at a restaurant/cafe. We rotate the toys and book in the bag so he does not get bored. Things like sticker books and colouring book really work as well. Failing that he gets handed the iPhone!

6. Nappy Cream Michael gets really sore when he is teething so a decent nappy cream is essential for us. We have tried a few and I have found oilatum to be the best brand.

7. Teething powder The miracle cure to Michael's teething problems and crying! We use the Nelsons brand. They are expensive but so worth the money! 

8. Dummy Now Michael does have a dummy, we are working on decreasing the amount of time he has with the dummy now that he is nearing 2. Now it is just for going to sleep and so we take it out in case he needs a nap. 

9. Reins Some people don't like reins, for us they are essential. Michael is a bolter and would walk right into the road. Therefore reins are in the bag if he wants to walk but we are near cars. 

What do you have in your toddler's bag? 


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