Thursday, 23 July 2015

Stressful day with naughty toddler

What a awful and stressful day today has been. We were all up early because Dan had a early shift. So I decide to take Michael swimming since I have not been able to do much with lately.

He has been so unbelievably naughty and has just been hard work today. He did not want to eat breakfast, or get dressed. Finally got him out the door and in the pool and the swim thankfully went good. Nap meant I could actually relax.

He woke from a nap to throw his lunch at the cat, hit me with a bubble wand, stood in the way while I was trying to clean the kitchen floor, took all the dvds off the shelf, terrorised the cat, tantrums galore because I gave him the wrong snack and turned over Mickey Mouse clubhouse etc. It has just been non-stop today, all while I try and get the place tidy and clean for guests tomorrow.

I have pleaded with Michael, tried to distract him, put him in time out, shouted at him 😳. Now he has fallen asleep, because you know being naughty does take it out on a toddler.

Anyone else have days like this?!


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