Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Favourite clothes stores for children

love buying clothes...for my son. For me nothing seems to fit fantastically and I always question too much if I need that fabulous pink shirt. Then when I decide to actually buy that shirt, they have sold out. Sigh.

Anyway Michael has more clothes than he will probably wear in a lifetime but I love buying for him and like him looking smart. Here are some of my favourite clothes stores for toddlers.

1. Asda George

Now this is probably because Asda is the only large supermarket within a 10 minute walk but I do like the clothes Asda has to offer. They are affordable and fit well. 

I just bought these two shirts for Michael recently in the Asda sale. For £3 and £4 for decent quality t-shirts you can't go wrong. I also bought Daniel two Star Wars shirts for £4 each! Total bargain. 

2. Next

Love love Next clothes for toddlers, hate them for women's clothes but their children's clothes are the best quality I have found for high street stores. They look lovely and last for ages. I do however find them a little expensive for clothes, especially for a mucky toddler. So I tend to only shop there during sales or for special birthday/Christmas outfits.

I have already wrapped it but I recently bought this shirt:
We bought a similar one last year for Michael's first birthday and it looked really cute in the pictures. I wish they had kept the same design as last year but I do think Michael will look great wearing this for his second birthday in September. It was only £6.

3. Mothercare

I recently spent £40 on clothes in the mothercare sale and I got some great clothes. I don't always shop in mothercare because I find some of their clothes a bit plain and boring. However I have found some nice clothes in there and they are affordable. You just have to dodge the toys first before your toddler grabs one!

Just some of the clothes I picked up in the mothercare sale, they were priced between £1:50-£4. 

4. Primark 

Now I have to admit I am not a massive fan of Primark for children's clothes. I find their clothes come up small and do not wash as well as some of the other stores. However they are ok for some bits. I mainly buy Michael's vests, pants, socks and his more casual clothes like tracksuit bottoms and some cheap t-shirts just for running around at home and when we go messy play. That way I am not fussed if they get ruined.

5. Ebay/Charity Stores

Now some people will not put their child in second hand clothes and that is fine. I personally have no issue with them, once I have put them on a hot wash. When I was younger, we were often dressed in second hand clothes and it did not bother us at all! Michael has had some lovely Ralph Lauren shirts that have cost me £5 and he has a leather jacket that was £1:50! 

So you know, go with an open mind. You can find some great bargains. Also toys and books are pretty cheap in charity stores.

Toddler clothes don't have to cost the earth, shop around and shop in the sales! I already have a lot of Michael's clothes in the next size up where I pick them up cheap and put them away.


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