Thursday, 11 June 2015

Father's Day Gift Ideas

So on the 21st June it is Father's Day. Now I don't have my father to buy for, he died when I was a child. I do however but some gifts for my partner from Michael. Here are some ideas if you are stuck.

1. Hamper of goodies. Now I did this for Daniel(my partner) at christmas and have done him a smaller one for Father's Day. I put in American sweets in a basket and essentially make it pretty. B&M do american sweets really cheaply. It goes down well because my partner has a sweet tooth and it's stuff he does not usually get. If your dad/your child's dad does not like sweets, you could do anything really. A beer/drink hamper, other treats etc.

2. Photo album. My partner is a extremely hands on dad so last year on his first Father's Day, I created him a scrapbook of him and our son. I put in pictures, our son's hand and foot print, poems, I even put in texts we sent each other when I was pregnant. It did not cost a lot at all to make, and was a really special gift that my partner still looks at.

3. Clothes. Now Daniel loves clothes with dad on it, so he has a couple of t-shirts and socks with dad written on. Some people are not a fan, but you could buy a t-shirt your father/partner would like. This year I bought Daniel a Star Wars t-shirt he was admiring a few weeks earlier.

4. Time with their child. I am not a massive fan of large gifts when it comes to Father's Day. I spend more on birthdays and so Daniel just has a shirt and some american sweets. I have probably spent around £15 and got Michael to draw in a decent card. However time is really valuable. Daniel works full time so he has limited time with Michael and I know he misses time with him, especially since he is such a mummy's boy. So we make a big effort to spend time all together on Father's Day. Neither of us have dads to visit so it's just us, hopefully we will be going out for Sunday dinner all together. When I think about my dad, I wish I were able to visit him on a Father's Day. 

What will you be doing on Father's Day? 

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