Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Best Parenting Hacks-Tried and Tested!

1. A paintbrush and a bucket filled with water and painting a fence/pavement will keep your child entertained for ages.

2. An empty box and pens make a great activity. Michael recently played for over an hour with a big box and some pens. He had so much imagination and played happily. It was lovely to see!

3. Put stickers in your child's shoes to teach them left and right.

4. Glue the bottom of bath toys with a hot glue gun to stop them going mouldy and horrible inside.

5. Limit soap by tying a elastic band around the pump-Michael is a nightmare for using too much soap and mucking about in the bathroom so this is one of my favourite hacks!

6. If your child vomits on the carpet, cover it with baking soda and this will dry it up. After a couple of minutes it will be much easier to clean up.

7. Use puffy paint to create grips on babies/toddlers socks.

8. Try cartoon underwear when potty training. If your child picks their underwear of their favourite character, they are more likely to feel happy about wearing it.

9. Want your child to tidy their toys? Do a Mary Poppins and make it a game. We like to put a timer on and see if we can finish by the time the time is up.

10. When out for the day, write your number on your child's arm so if they are lost then you can be contacted quickly. On this note, we have made sure Michael can say his full name, where he is from and both mine and my partner's name. 

11. Stick a hook on the back of a highchair to hang bibs so they are always on hand.

12. Pop a cupcake case on a ice lolly stick to stop it dripping everywhere.

13. Wash socks together in a laundry bag to minimising the socks that always seem to disappear!

14. Keep track on your child's antibiotics doses by drawing a tick list on the side of the bottle.

15. To cut your child's nails without stress, wait until they have been asleep for half an hour and do it then.

16. Peel the negative space of a sticker sheet and it is much easier to take the stickers off the page.

17. Lift the sides of a juice carton to make it easier for your child to hold.

18. At the beach take a bottle of talc along with you, it will make the sand brush straight off.

19. If your child needs to take a tablet, crush it up and add a little sugar. Makes it easy to get your child to take it.

20. To minimise tantrums in a shop for a toy, suggest they take a picture to send to Santa. Your child is happy, the toy has stayed on the shelf and you have pictures of gift ideas. 

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