Friday, 12 May 2017

Fabulous Friday Frugal-5 Frugal Things I have done this week 12/05

I feel so passionate about saving money. It is so important to my family we save as much money as we can right now so we can hopefully move this year. I am a strong believer that saving money does not mean you have to go without however. I just find ways to save money on the things we like to have and do. Here are 5 ways I saved money this week:

1. Had a free game of bowling
I have a hobby of entering competitions, mainly simple online ones. So far I have won over £500 of prizes this year including a £100 gift voucher for Red Letter experiences, a light box, £50 of Munchkin baby products etc. I entered a namco funscape competition via Facebook and a runner up prize was a free game of bowling for up to 6 people at my local bowling alley. I took my partner Dan and son Michael today and we had a great time. It really cheered poor Michael up, he has had a ear infection this week. If you see a online competition, enter it! You may not win the big prize but many give runner up prizes. It only takes two minutes. Let me know if you would be interested to see a separate blog post on entering competitions. 

2. Gave a RSVP to the launch of the new Decleor Boutique & Day Spa with Giovanna Fletcher
I follow Giovanna Fletcher who recently shared a Instagram post announcing she was going to be attending the launch of The new Decleor Boutique and Day Spa in Notting Hill, London. It is a free event to those lucky to get a ticket by emailing the company. I took a chance and emailed them and sure enough I am on the guest list. I am really looking forward to it. There will be a talk by skincare specialist Fiona Brackenbury, brunch, treatments and a goody bag. Look out for events like this, they are often free and can be a lot of fun. I have gone to a Body Shop event and seen exclusive preview of The Smurfs film this year via applying online. Look out for a blog post on the launch next week!

3. Earned a £10 Sainsburys' voucher
If you want to earn a little bit of money, one way is via online surveys. I use One Poll and Valued opinions and would recommend both. With One Poll you will get a small amount of money for each survey you complete until you reach the payout of £40. Valued Opinions you can complete surveys until you reach a £10 payout. You can choose which voucher to use this £10 credit on. I like Sainsbury's vouchers as they are great to be used on gifts throughout the year. They had a great sale on toys this week so my free £10 voucher was spent on some toys to be put away for birthday and christmas gifts. You will not get £100s via online surveys but they can help a great deal towards birthdays and christmas shopping or towards your food shop each week.

4. Collected free lego cards from Sainsburys 
If you read my blog post on our April/May favourites, you will know my son Michael is obsessed with the free lego cards from Sainsburys. There are 140 lego character cards to collect and you place them in the official collectors album. You get a pack of 4 when you spend over £10 although if the cashier likes you then you may be handed some more. Michael loves trading/collectors cards but they can be very expensive so these are a great alternative for him to collect. We have been asking our friends and family to pick them up for him as well when they shop in Sainsburys. 

5. Had three no-spend-days 
Not only are we saving money to move this year(hopefully!) we are also trying to tighten our belts this month and next as we have a lot to pay out for. We have alot of family birthdays coming up which require presents, cards, travel etc. While we are careful with how much we spend on these, the sheer quantity of birthdays means it all adds up. We are also going away the beginning of July for Dan's 30th birthday so of course we want money to put away for this. One of the ways we save money is to take part in no-spend-days. This is what it says on the tin. You do not spend any money that day, instead you plan and use the resources you already have. The only expenses were Dan's oyster fare essential to work. However that was the only money spent. When you avoid the shops a no spend day is relatively easy to do so give it a try.

So that was my 5 ways I saved money this week, what do you do that saves money? Let me know in the comments below.


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