Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Update on nursery

A couple of months ago I wrote a post on Michael starting a local nursery 2 days a week. When he first started it was a nightmare. He would tell us every morning beforehand how much he hated nursery, getting him there was a massive battle and he would cry every time we left him. We were really worried wondering if he would ever adjust. Thankfully he did!

It took a good couple of weeks but now he loves his nursery and we barely get a kiss goodbye before he rushes off to play. He has greatly developed his social and communication skills and has learnt to concentrate on a task for longer and to join in with a group, something he struggled with before. I am glad we preserved and kept taking him because it really has had a positive effect on him.

We could send him to a school nursery in September (within the local school, 3 hours each day Mon-Fri) however it works for us right now for him to be in 2 days a week, term holidays included. He is happy where he is so we figured we would keep him there until he starts reception school in September 2018. 

Some of my tips for starting nursery are:

1. Most nurseries completely understand it is hard separating for both parent and child. If you ask you can call 5-10 minutes after you have left and will probably find your child is just fine. We would walk round the side of the nursery to peep into the nursery room to find Michael happily playing. It made leaving much easier knowing his tears were for our benefit and he was fine now we had left.

2. Create a routine for nursery days. Michael's nursery does not require a uniform however we put him in similar clothes every week solely for nursery. Every week he will wear joggers, a t-shirt and sweatshirt. Not only are these cheap clothes perfect for nursery play, Michael now associates them with nursery and it helps him understand that day he will be at nursery.

3. Be positive about nursery. We tried not to over do this because talking too much about nursery could upset Michael. However we would point out he could play in a garden at a nursery whereas he does not have one at home, how he could do lots more arts and crafts etc and it did help.

I am so glad Michael has adjusted to nursery, it is fantastic to see he is enjoying it and thriving. Now I just hope he adjust to school next year!

How did your children adjust to nursery? Any tips that made it easier?


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