Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Valentine's Day Crafts for Toddlers

Now it is February Valentine's Day is almost here. Myself and my partner don't really make a fuss of the day, usually he is at work anyway. We buy each other cards, sometimes do a nice dinner indoors but that's about it. 

However now Michael is 2 he is getting really into his crafts. They are cheap, easy to do and they can fill in a rainy day afternoon. Here are some cute Valentine's Day crafts he has created. All that was needed was some pink and red paint, paper, paintbrushes, an empty toilet roll, scissors and a black marker. 

Used with Michael's foot, I think this little love bug is adorable! 

This is really cute and Michael gave it to his nana, so it is now on her fridge. Using both hands, you create hand prints to create a heart in the middle. 

With the painted heart, I just let Michael paint a piece of white paper with red and pink paint. Once dry I just cut out a large heart. 

Michael does have stamps, but for his heart stamp creation, I just used a empty toilet roll. All you have to do is create a heart shape using the side of the toilet roll by bending in one side. It creates a little stamp that is easy for little hands. 

There are loads of other Valentine's Day themed crafts online so have a look. These ones were the easiest and simplest I found for a 2 year old. Tomorrow we are also making heart shaped cookies! 

A couple of weeks before Easter, I will also be trying some Easter crafts so look out for the blog post. 

Have a nice Valentine's Day!


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