Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Oh my toddlers are hard work!

So today has been a difficult day with Michael. He is not yet speaking at all so he can get pretty frustrated with himself at not being able to communicate himself.

We have had tantrums, we have had hitting (with a glass frame! Ouch!) and I took him over to his nan-nan for a visit(my mum) where he basically touched everything he was not supposed to. Sigh! Typical behaviour for a toddler, he has a box full of toys at his nan-nan's and chooses instead to touch her partner's computer and try desperately to eat the cat litter. 

So I think I need some serious relaxation time tonight once I can coax the child into bed, failing that hand him to my partner😃. So here are some great ways to relax that help me unwind and recharge ready for another day with my sometimes (ok frequently) challenging toddler.

1. A nice hot bath. Complete with mellow magic on the radio, and some yankee candles(anyone else obsessed with these?!). Lovely! Especially if I have a nice glass of wine in my hand ☺️

2.Tv. I don't really watch TV during the day with Michael. Either we are out or I just don't get a chance. So I love sinking down onto the sofa and watching some of my favourite shows. It helps I have Sex and the City, Gilmore Girls, Downton Abbey and Friends on dvd. I also like Teen Mom on mtv 😳

3. A book, I love to read but unless I am on the train to university, Michael likes to rip pages of books if I dare to read in front of him, so I read before bed. Great way to relax and get ready for sleep. Currently halfway through the West End Girls by Jenny Colgan.

If anyone else has any book suggestions,  please let me know, I never know what to choose when I visit the library. I am home with Michael tomorrow but do plan to take him to swim or soft play so hopefully that will tire him out and we will get a better day. Friday its my partner's day with him as I go University Friday's. Is it weird I look forward to a day of lectures and studying?!

Anyway let me know the ways you all relax after a long day with your kids in the comments below.


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