Saturday, 7 March 2015

Great Mother's Day Gifts Ideas

So Mother's Day is next Sunday on the 15th March. It's also my mum's birthday on the 16th so that's two sets of presents she gets! I also buy for my nan as well.

I have been looking around and found some great ideas for gifts:

1. Yankee Candles I am obsessed with these and have loads! They come in loads of different smells and last ages. Costs also range depending on your budget so you can get little wax tarts or a large jar. My mum also loves candles so I have definitely got her one for next week.
Large Yankee candle-£19.99 from the Yankee Candle Site

2. Bath Products.   My mum has always loved her baths, and so I do try and give her some of her favourite bath products for any occasion. I like the Lush gifts sets, they are reasonably priced, are good products and always presented nicely. 
Gifts sets prices range but you can get some for under £10!

3. Flowers.   This is kind of a cliche present and a obvious gift perhaps but it is one my Nan loves every single time mainly because she loves flowers in the garden and they do brighten up the place. Obviously you can get flowers at a range of prices and if you have left it to the last minute, they are your friend.

4. Photo of the grandkids A really cheap and simple gift is a photo of your child in a nice photo frame. Last year I put a really nice photo of Michael and my mum on one side and then created a love heart with his foot prints. I also wrote a message and the result was a really touching, inexpensive gift. It went down a treat.

5. Box of chocs/ bottle of drink Really simple gift, reasonably priced and I think most women would welcome a box of their fave chocs! 
£10 says my brother brings a box of these to my mother. It is his no fail gift and he gives it for every single occasion. 😂

6. Jewellery My nan loves jewellery and they are a really nice gift to keep and remind you of the person who bought it for you.
I mentioned to my partner when we were going round the shops last week that I really liked something like this so fingers crossed he took the hint and I will be opening it next Sunday.

7. Something Sentimental My mum has helped out a lot with Michael and he adores her so I really wanted to get her something really special and I think I have found it. Willow Tree do really nice and touching ornaments. They can be a bit pricey. I paid £32 for the one for my mum but they are really lovely. Or in many of the card shops you can buy a range of lovely things with mum/nan on that are a bit cheaper.
This is the one I have bought my mum.

8. Gift Card.  If you are really stuck and have no idea what to get your mum, or perhaps she is really fussy, then play it safe and go for a gift card. That way you know your mum will buy something with it she likes.

I hope all you mothers, grandmothers, stepmothers, godmothers all have a great Mother's Day! 

I have a table booked at a local restaurant for myself, Michael, my mum, sister and brother and am really looking forward to it. We don't often see my sister and brother so it's a real treat to be able to catch up. It's also only 5 weeks until my sister becomes a mother herself! 

If you have any great gift ideas then leave a comment below. 


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